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About 20 years ago, in the days of “post rock”, I had the idea of starting a music production company. The (still) cool aesthetic of analog electronic music and digital sampling that spawned Beck, Sea and Cake, Tortoise, etc. was also notable for pilfering “pop luxe” imagery and jargon, much like New Wave had done in the early 1980s. Rather new back then was the internet, which some of us had and some of us didn’t. Living in San Francisco where surfing the web was more of a thing, I actually knew somebody who could make a website. We sat in his apartment above the Orbit Room and, after listening to the Abba singalong midi files he had been posting for a while, we stuck some pictures up and a little bit of text about my recording career in straightforward HTML 4. At the spur of the moment, trying to dream up a name for the production entity, produtron – a cross between ‘production’ and ‘orgasmatron’ – burst forth from a beer bubble.

I don’t think we used it in the URL – one of those geocities or aol.hometown monstrosities lost to time (or somewhere in the oocities cache) – but ‘produtron’ was before the @ in my first-ever email address. It has stayed with me in various forms, as a site username, as an online identity, and most recently as a domain name.

Produtron is my ‘zine. A site dedicated to the preservation of ephemeral objects, music, and whatever else seems right. I hope to review a few things here and there, and to keep things fresh I expect some outside contributors would liven things up now and then. Volume One features an essay about book collecting, streaming audio ripped from mixtapes, scans of xeroxed band flyers and more. Digital preservation aspects aside, I hope we get to share a lot of cool old stuff.



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