There’s always room for Ello

November 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

The next wave of social networking engagement is at hand: my wife just sent me an invitation to join ElloelloPJ.

As an early adopter of Friendster, Myspace, Tribe, Facebook, Google+,  Pinterest and Twitter (of which only the latter three profiles are still maintained – and I know I am forgetting some others that were part of the web’s early yearnings for user generated content) I feel a duty to accept the Ello come-on. In its beta stage the service looks promising– the clean design and ad-free platform are attractive selling points, especially to those who recall the slow-loading clutter of MySpace. The Facebook dilemma of what to do about overzealous and obnoxious posters is addressed by the Noise / Friends portal structure. In short, a clean slate with a few improvements.

Did I mention you have to access this treasure trove of social engagement on-line, via computer? It’s true. There is no actual place called Ello. You have to be able to hook up a machine to a system of electronic data-carrying metal wires and have some kind of email address to join the fun. In fact at this stage you have to be invited to join. I will invite you if you ask me to, but it’s up to you to go to a library or someplace warm where you will be allowed to interact via the internet with others who are able. If you are someone who has a home with an internet connection (which I do, very thankfully) it might be easier. You still have to pay for the service, though, and the people who own the networks will turn your service off if you don’t send money. Most things in USA are like that, you know.

I think we should use money in other ways: feeding people, keeping people in homes, helping families in distress, ensuring that everyone is healthy, educating children. In fact, since the experts want to start educating children exclusively on computers, every family should have a computer and internet for free. Maybe some really rich people will figure out a way to make that happen.


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