Frappucino Station

November 13, 2014 § Leave a comment

Having passed the half century mark I am subject to a few quirks and quarrels. For instance, it is now unlikely that I will ever be a professional sports follower. Also, I find video games to be stupid, cell phones unnecessarily ubiquitous, and Facebook mind-destroying. People shouldn’t drive when they can take a bus, or to rephrase, people shouldn’t drive. I think consumerism, greed, hypocrisy, and ignorance are all heads on the same monstrous body we know as commerce.

My opinions, especially at this hour of the morning, may seem draconian, but they are here for you to read. I’m just one person with one brain, wobbly sleepy synapses, having just gotten up after a bad dream about going to work at Starbucks and being put on frappucino duty, thinking about how annoyed I am that for ten seconds yesterday in the break room at work I watched an alleged journalist accuse liberal pols of sending the message that “voters are dumb”. I winced, but then I realized that among my thickly huddled beliefs is this little pipsqueak in the back:

American democracy has long been overtaken by corporate interests and, more specifically, the individuals who profit from them. Conservative politicians are only in it for the money, unless they are so naive as to think that they are actually fulfilling some moral manifest by foisting their sexist, racist, homophobic visions on a community that is actually trying to live and work together in harmony.

So, yes, it might be true that I think people who vote against gun legislation and for open carry, who deny climate change, who deny women their reproductive rights, who think only straight people can have a family, who continue to buy gas guzzlers – thereby maintaining the profit margins of oil companies who “own” the destruction of the planet, who view the ideals of liberty and justice as only pertaining to themselves, who teach kids that evolution is a lie, who feel a sense of entitlement so strongly that they grab and keep everything within reach and take it away from others, who do not want to pay taxes because “it’s my money”, who wish America was the way it used to be (when? in slavery days? before suffrage? when it was run by a bunch of rich white thieves? oh… wait that’s now…), who mistake media visibility for integrity, who mistake bully tactics for morality, who mistake racist propaganda for journalism, are dumb.

But that’s only my opinion.


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