Family Day

August 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

Now that JR is in daycare twice a week, her mother and I can afford to alter our conflicting work schedules to spend one out of seven days together at home with kid and dog, and if not at home at least out in the world of culture and beauty. We have some grand plans- museums, daytrips, tide pools, church, zoos, etc. After a couple of slow starts (house cleaning and Ikea Sundays) we are finally out the door today to Gold Country for a friends’ wedding. We have a dog sitter lined up and a nice new pink sun hat for JR.

I work from home sometimes devising crafty archival software implementations and other DP efforts. Although it has more to do with making myself available to take care of JR, I find it to be productive time- especially late at night. Only the whirring of drives and the occasional dog snore can be heard as I pore over my directories and xml schema. Once in a while I hear something from the bedroom- if JR needs more milk I pop up and grab it and get back to my desk. No other interruptions. These are the benefits of working from home (or elsewhere entirely- I recently arranged a collection of digital data sitting out on my in-laws’ back porch in rural Florida watching the cardinals flit back and forth across the garden.)

I am lucky in that my spouse (a librarian) understands my enthusiasm for my work, and that she also knows a rabbit hole when she sees one. If I need to talk out a description problem, she is there to provide a professional opinion.  Also, she alone can shake me out of work mode and make me get into some walking shoes when I have stared at the screen for too long. She is my inspiration in many ways.

JR can’t read or write code yet, but she likes to sort watercolor markers and put them into her yogurt bucket. She is a good dancer and likes to sing, so we play music together whenever we can, she on atonal autoharp, I on banjo. I look forward to our future conversations and adventures, including today’s.  



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